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Central Texas' Expert in Personalized Dog Training for Your Dog
And your Entire Family


My name is Sheldon, and I'm the Central Texas Dog Trainer. My background is in Companion Pet Dogs and Hunting Dogs. I am not a franchise. I will be the one training your dog, and I only train four dogs at a time, so you can guarantee they will get the attention they need.


My dog training program is tailored to your dog's specific requirements, utilizing a range of techniques to ensure a comprehensive approach so you can relax and have fun together.

Dogs can be frustrating

Are your dog's poor manners and lack of socialization driving you crazy? Being dragged? Arms and shoulders sore? Worried about your dog in public? Ready for a better life for both you and your dog?

I can help!

International Association of Canine Professionals, In Safe Hands.

I specialize in off-leash obedience and modifying challenging behaviors.

My program includes HERE, HEEL, PLACE, DOWN, SIT (STAY is implied for both), INSIDE, OUTSIDE, LEAVE IT, KENNEL, LOOK SHARP (to go to the bathroom), LOAD to get into a vehicle, and BREAK to have fun and be a dog. I also overlay technical leash handling so that the leash becomes a communication tool instead of a restraint.

old labradoodle dog with grey whiskers l

When your dog completes my Board and Train, we are there to support you for the rest of the life you own the dog. Register your puppy in advance and will guide you the puppy phase and profile a puppy manual. 

Our Board and Train program is perfect for those who have a hectic schedule, limited time or patience to train their dog or want to transform their good dog into a great dog.


family travelling in a car, side

If you need to travel for work or take a weekend getaway or vacation, I offer refreshers and follow-up stays exclusively for dogs that have completed my Board and Train program.

Dog Training Deutche Kurtzhaar

Sheldon trained under one of the world's best.

Pedigree Training,
Pedigree Results

at a reasonable price!

dog training

I highly recommend Central Texas Dog Trainer. I was at the end of my rope with my Goldendoodle and called Sheldon out of pure desperation. After a 3 week stay my dog came home with manners and now he’s listening to me, on the first command!


Shannon Paces

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