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Personalized offleash obedience training 

We train the owners too!

"There is absolutely no way I could ever be convinced there is a better training program to go to in this great state of Texas."

"If I could send every dog in Texas to Sheldon, I would do it in a heartbeat."

Dogs can be frustrating

Are your dog's poor manners and lack of socialization driving you crazy?

Being dragged? Arms and shoulders sore? Worried about your dog in public, off-leash, or around others?

Ready for a better life for both you and your dog?

We can help!

International Association of Canine Professionals, In Safe Hands.

Our In-Home Board and Train Program Corrects Behaviors that take the Joy out of your Relationship

Our in-home board and train program is a very popular, comprehensive and, acclaimed obedience training program we offer. Spots fill up fast. We teach on-leash and advanced off leash obedience, leash handling and more. offleash

Our In-Home Board and Train Program Correccts Behaviors that take the joy out of your Relationship

Serving all of Texas, including Austin, Westlake, Lake Travis, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Waco, Temple, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond!

Sheldon Obedience Training a GSP
German Shorthaired Pointer Austin Texas.jpeg

- Madison Wisdom - 

Austin, TX

We couldn’t recommend Sheldon more for improving your relationship with your dog. Do not waste time or money on other trainers. Our GSP, Cuff, was trained for hunting by our ole school grandpa who could be harsh and a little rough. This resulted in Cuff being fearful and unsure of expectations which ultimately led to bad behavior (and unfortunately frustration from us). Sheldon immediately saw that Cuff needed special attention to undo some of that prior training. To me, that’s a lot to ask- untrain and then re-train a dog. But Sheldon did it beautifully, building back Cuff’s confidence and skills to help him become the dog he was meant to be! Cuff is calmer, attentive, and happy. However, the real kicker is Sheldon training us to be better dog parents and leaders (which was probably harder than teaching Cuff)! We are better for it and will carry this perspective for the rest of our lives which is priceless. We can’t thank Sheldon enough!

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