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Program Lineage and Certifications

Who will be training your dog is as important as what your dog will be learning

The following provides insight into the origins of our program and the master trainers that trained us

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Foundation - Martin Deeley

one of the world's best working dog trainers

For over three decades, Martin dedicated himself to training, teaching, and mentoring professionals as a dog trainer through the International School for Dog Trainers. He pioneered the humane and distinctive E-Touch system for e-collar usage, which gained popularity through The Monks of New Skete's book series. Martin's expertise also benefited renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Milan, who integrated many of Martin's techniques into his unique approach after receiving criticism from others in the training industry. Until that point, Cesar was entirely self-taught. Cesar wrote the foreword to one of Martin's books, Working Gundogs, while Martin reciprocated by writing the foreword to Cesar's Way.

  • Internationally renowned gundog and pet dog trainer from England

  • Co-founder and Executive Director of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

  • Renowned author of three books and featured writer for leading American and European magazines

  • Head coach of the United States Retriever Team.

  • In 2007, was voted UK Gundog Trainer of the Year.

  • In 2011, was inducted into the IACP Hall of Fame.

  • The only canine professional ever granted a private personal interview with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

James Hamm Military Dog Trainer

Mentorship - Command Sergeant Major James Hamm

globally recognized military working dog and pet dog trainers

James civilian canine training comes from Martin Deeley. After mentoring under Martin as the President of the IACP and head trainer in the International School for Dog Trainers, James continues to train and mentor other trainers, from US Government agencies, such as the FBI and ATF, as well as pet dogs for the public as the Lonestar Dog Trainer. James is, and continues to be, extremely selective about who he trains.


  • A 33 year veteran of the training industry.

  • Served for 30 years on Active Duty, focused on training soldiers and dogs.

  • Directed K9 and kennel operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, training and supporting military working dogs for the US, led international coalition.

  • The official representative for Garmin in Texas and has worked with them to design and create humane but effective e-collar systems for dogs. The recently released Delta SE, was designed by James.

  • Click HERE, to learn more about military working dogs.

Best Dog Trainer

Central Texas Dog Trainer

Background and Certifications

Central Texas Dog Trainer was started in 2020 by Sheldon, an enthusiast who trained independently with NAHVDA trainers and experienced guides to build drive and versatility in dogs' performance capabilities. At the end of 2020, Sheldon became one of a select few to be accepted to be personally mentored and apprentice under James Hamm at the International School for Dog Trainers (ISDT) as a pet dog trainer. James continues to be a mentor, advisor, and guide.

James personally awarded Sheldon the E-Touch certification for the proper and humane use of the e-collar, Advanced Off-Leash Certification, and Trainer Certification, which you can see below.

  • ​The program we teach is identical in structure, approach, methodology, and philosophy to that handed down to us from the foundations laid down by Martin, through James. We make adjustments for working dogs based on our experience with working dogs off-leash in the field.

  • Sheldon is one of the few true obedience trainers that understand how to adapt obedience training methods for gundogs, especially pointers. Commonly applied obedience techniques can cause a lot of difficulty for gundogs in the field, requiring months and thousands of dollars of training to fix.

  • This isn't the only thing we do, by far, but If you have a dog that is, or will be your hunting companion, you need a trainer that understands versatile hunting dogs. Most obedience trainers do not. We do.

Dog Swimming


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Training Certification - Foundations
Training Certificate E-Touch
Training Certification Advanced Off Leash Obedience
LoneStar Foundations Dog Trainers Certificate
LoneStar E-Touch Certification
LoneStar Advanced Off Leash Obedience Certification
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