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A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!

When you trust your dog, you'll have peace of mind and they'll have more opportunities to have fun.

Benefits of our Board and Train

Faster Results - Alt.png

Faster Results

Personalized training from a professional with hands-on instruction every day.

Only a few dogs are accepted at a time to ensure individual attention.

Immersive Learning - alt.png

Immersive Learning

A structured environment is therapeutic for dogs, with guidance for every decision and strategically planned rest periods designed to reinforce  learning.

Positive Reinforcement, Reduced Correction - alt.png

Positive Leadership

A positive, balanced approach to training to extinguish problematic behaviors without conflict or undue stress.

Enhanced Customization - alt.png


I will forge a relationship and understanding with your dog to create tailored approaches for teaching or addressing challenging behaviors.

they can stay.png

Competent Boarding

We offer boarding services for dogs we've trained, with daily brush-up lessons!

Take a worry-free trip knowing your dog is in the best hands.

Happy Dog

Regain control and enhance your quality of life

They will learn

Fearful dog.png


Exposure, socialization and the ability to perform improves confidence and a sense of security 

Dog Bolting.png


Running away or bolting out the door can be challenging and dangerous.

Leash reactive (2).png

Self Control

Reactivity, like leash aggression, often comes from fear or frustration. We'll help your dog learn to manage its emotions and exhibit more acceptable behavior

Greeting Etiquette.png

Greeting Etiquette

Jumping on people, or barking when they come to the door is not usually considered good manners

house etiquette.png

House Etiquette

Barking, whining, counter surfing, and trash diving are things you are probably not thrilled about. We help your dog learn human house manners

Foundational Commands
on and off leash



Calls your dog to you 



Walk by your side without leash pulling



Get on a dog bed, relax, and stay there until released



Lay down and remain there, until released, even while you move around



Sit and remain in a sit until released, even if you are moving around


Inside / Outside & Kennel

Proper manners for moving through doorways and into a kennel

leave it.png

Off / Leave It

Remove yourself from this surface or leave something alone



Release your dog from command mode and let them go play



Move into a vehicle

look sharp.png

Look Sharp

Prompt to eliminate or defecate

How it Works

21 Days - alt.png
  • Your dog will live in my home for a minimum of 21 days

  • I will train your dog to a Standard of Performance and Behavior

  • If it takes longer than 21 days, that's what it takes and there are no additional charges to you

Live with Family - alt2.png
  • Your dog will not stay in a warehouse or separate kennel facility

  • To achieve greater success, we begin training in a home environment around friends, family, neighbors and their dogs

  • Your dog is cared for and monitored 24 hours a day

Socialization - alt2.png
  • Trained at a minimum of 6 locations for conditioning and exposure to distractions

  • Socialized around other people and dogs, in public places  to improve confidence and reduce anxiety

  • Get acquainted with the process of getting into a vehicle and embarking on a trip.

Monitor - alt2.png
  • At 9 days, get a written update of our progress, including areas to be addressed and things we are focusing on

  • Continue to monitor your dog's progress on our Facebook page

  • Receive video clips of training sessions

  • Make sure to Like, Share, and Comment!

Family Lesson - alt.png
  • After training the dogs we train the Humans!

  • Our 2-3 hour graduation lesson includes critical dog owner and handler skills, including leash handling, reinforcement drills, and canine leadership - everything you need to maintain your dog's training 

  • The tools we use to train your dog come home with your dog. They will be customized to your dog and we will teach you how to use them, it's all included. No upsells, and no hidden fees.

  • At the end of the program, you'll receive lots of documentation including a 30 page guide, e-collar instructions, vocabulary and house rules, as well as links to training videos by James Hamm

  • We're here to support you for the life of your pet

  • If there is anything you are unsure of or need help with, contact us, and we'll make arrangements to help you until you get the desired results

  • If you need help, you are welcome to come back with your dog as many times as necessary so that I can work with you as a team

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