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Sheldon Training a Dutch Shepherd

Meet our Head Trainer

"I am dedicated to improving the relationship between dogs and their people, through education and training." 
Trusted Dog Training in Central Texas

At the heart of effective dog training lies trust and confidence

A passionate dog lover and gundog enthusiast, Sheldon has honed his skills at the prestigious International School for Dog Trainers (ISDT), with the personal recognition of James Hamm, one of the top 10 trainers globally, who personally mentored and granted Sheldon the Advanced Off-Leash, Trainer, and an E-Touch Certifications for the humane use of the e-collar.

Sheldon's membership in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) further enhances his understanding of dog training, drive and performance.

While we specialize in obedience training for all kinds of dogs, Sheldon's background in gundogs makes us uniquely positioned to deliver training tailored specifically to their needs. We don't provide hunting training, but we're experts in helping you maintain a harmonious home with your high-drive gundog when it's not in the field. Our methodologies foster discipline and good behavior in your pet while preserving its natural instincts and hunting ability. Commonly used obedience training techniques can lead to big problems in the field later on, something most other obedience trainers do not understand

But Sheldon's expertise is not confined to gundogs. He is proficient in training all kinds of dogs, committed to improving the relationship between you and your canine companion through education and training. His wholistic approach includes both owners (aka the humans) and canines, addressing your dog's mental, physical, and psychological needs, leading to enhanced self-control, cooperation, and behavioral health.

Confidence is crucial

Confidence in your trainer is crucial for effective training, because without confidence you will second guess advice, search out information and practice techniques viewed on the internet or TV, and both you and your dog will suffer. 

Sheldon's background, methods, and certifications lays the groundwork for that trust. Feel free to explore more about his credentials and the robust foundation of our program.

Head Trainer training a Dog

James Hamm

33 Year veteran of the training industry, James is rated in the top 10 dog trainers in the USA. 

As the President of the International Association of Canine Professionals, James was responsible for leading the preservation of balanced and humane approaches to dog training

Lonestar Dog Trainer

I am dedicated to improving the relationship between dogs and people through education and training. 

The best training mirrors the way dogs learn. A "Whole-Dog" approach reaches your dog mentally, physically, and psychologically. Your dog's self-control, cooperation, and overall behavioral health are put on a fast track when its training plan meets these needs.

Dogs natural instincts.png

Works with dogs' natural instincts to produce results quickly and effectively.

Trained all kinds of breeds.png

Has trained dogs

of all breeds

Off leash.png

Specializes in off-leash obedience and behavioral problems

Residency Training.png

Offers residency training. We will train your dog for you.


E-Touch Certified for proper and professional use of the electronic collar.

Please read our E-Collar FAQ. In the hands of a skilled professional, they result in less pressure and improved communication.

Central Texas Dog Trainer is a supporter of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever
Ecological Stewardship is one of our core values

The vast majority of trainers use pet poop bags that break down into microplastics. These bags cost as low as 1 cent per bag. It is estimated that over 21 billion of these are used every year in the US alone. Microplastics absorb heavy metals, PCB's, pesticides and other toxins. They then make their way into the water supply and food chain, ending up in the bodies of animals, our pets and people - where they have been found in our blood supply, lungs and even human breast milk.

We use only 100% compostable plant based poop bags that contain no plastics and are certified compostable worldwide. They cost 7.5 cents per bag, more than 7 times the price of the standard plastic poop bags, but we believe it's the right thing to do.


In addition, we support and sponsor wildlife organizations, such as pheasants forever and quail forever, that are actively involved in habitat conservation. Through the activities and donations of members, these organizations are responsible for protecting and restoring millions of acres of habitat.

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