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Hear what our Customers are Saying!
We take pride in our services, and we sincerely appreciate the feedback!

Dog Training in Salado, Texas

The Clements and Murphy
Salado, Texas

Sheldon is an Expert in his craft

We waited about a month and until we had our first gathering at our home to write this review. We sent our extremely stubborn and controlling lab, Murphy, to Sheldon after struggling for almost 2 years with leash pulling, counter surfing, jumping excessively on anyone that came to our home, and just overall stubbornness. We were unsure if we could ever reverse some of her behaviors after we had an obedience trainer tell us our dog didn’t respond to their typical techniques, but we finally decided to take the plunge on Sheldon’s board and train program. If you have a challenging dog, don’t waste your money on anything else! Sheldon is an expert in his craft, and he remains a resource even after he brings your fur baby home! Not to mention, he spends a significant amount of time training the humans on everything he worked so hard teaching the dog. He also provides written materials to reference as you adjust to having your pet back home. Since Murphy came home, we are able to enjoy her the way we’ve always wanted to.


She has much more self control, we are able to have people over without having to crate her, and we are able to enjoy our walks! We never imagined how effective 3 weeks with Sheldon would be for Murphy (and for us)! We are so grateful Sheldon is so passionate about what he does!

GSP Training, College Station
GSP Training, College Station

Aaron, Goose and Fawn
College Station, Texas

It Changed our Life

Central Texas Dog Training is worth every penny. I went into this experience hesitant based on the price tag as I think fairly anyone would be. I sent both of my German Shorthaired Pointers to Sheldon for his board and train program. I sent them away feeling helpless unable to control my dogs in anyway shape or form. Sheldon not only helped to teach my dogs what I as an owner expect from them, but he also taught me how to better communicate with both of my dogs and provide an environment that is conducive to their learning. I am not especially well off as far as money is concerned so every penny counts, but I would happily pay this money all over again for the drastic changes in my dogs behaviors only a few months after both returned home.

A couple months later I received the following text message from Aaron.

Hey Sheldon!

Just texting to update! I know it’s been a while, but fawn and goose are both entirely off leash and under control while on walks at the same time! They each have their moments at home where they like to try and get away with things on occasion but it is dealt with consistently and things genuinely feel easy now. We are still going on 6-12 20 minute training walks a week and boy has that gotten more manageable now that they can be walked together.  

My life now compared to 6 months ago is night and day difference because of your training and how you taught me to keep up what you taught. I have so much appreciation for you and what you do. Absolutely worth every penny. Thank you so much!

Border Collie Training, Dallas

Jesse and Lady
Dallas, Texas

If you are looking for an all-star dog trainer, look no further!

If you are looking for an all-star dog trainer, look no further! Sheldon at Central Texas Dog Trainer is your guy. I could not recommend him enough! Here are the top 5 reasons why we chose Central Texas Dog Trainer over others.

Disclaimer: I waited one full month until my pup returned home to write this review because I wanted to make sure she was truly trained. It was like night and day when Sheldon returned our puppy home, and her training has stuck with her since!

1. Sheldon only takes 4 dogs at a time, so we knew our puppy was getting a lot of 1:1 time and 100% of his attention during sessions. I also appreciated that he caters to different breeds of dogs. For example, my border collie was training with a boxer and GSP.

2. He’s centrally located in the state of Texas. While you do have to drop your puppy off, Sheldon will bring him/her home, which also includes a 2-3 hour training session for you and your family.

3. Which brings me to my third point. He is very thorough in his “people training” and provides tons and tons of reading material and videos. Sheldon has checked in on us at least 3 times since our pup has returned home. He is truly vested in your dog. He also provides videos and updates along the way, which we appreciated!

4. Sheldon will also help transition your puppy to dog food, which we appreciated since our dog turned one during her stay with Sheldon.

5. Finally, he has a wide range of skills and capabilities he can train your dog on. For our pup, he worked on recall, obedience, fetch and socialization. But I know the other dogs worked on other skills like bolting, pulling, jumping, counter surfing, etc.

The one thing I will say is that THE TRAINING IS NOT OVER WHEN YOUR DOG RETURNS HOME! Sheldon does his part, but it is up to YOU to keep working at it for the next 90 days once your dog returns home. It is important you follow through so that all of Sheldon’s hard work does not go out the door 😊

German Shorthaired Pointer Training Austin

Madison and Cuff
Austin, Texas

Don't waste your time or money on other trainers!

We couldn’t recommend Sheldon more for improving your relationship with your dog. Do not waste time or money on other trainers. Our GSP, Cuff, was trained for hunting by our ole school grandpa who could be harsh and a little rough. This resulted in Cuff being fearful and unsure of expectations which ultimately led to bad behavior (and unfortunately frustration from us). Sheldon immediately saw that Cuff needed special attention to undo some of that prior training. To me, that’s a lot to ask- untrain and then re-train a dog. But Sheldon did it beautifully, building back Cuff’s confidence and skills to help him become the dog he was meant to be! Cuff is calmer, attentive, and happy. However, the real kicker is Sheldon training us to be better dog parents and leaders (which was probably harder than teaching Cuff)! We are better for it and will carry this perspective for the rest of our lives which is priceless. We can’t thank Sheldon enough!

Rochelle Lab Dog Training

Emilie and Myka
Rochelle, Texas

Sheldon is a Miracle Worker!

Sheldon is a miracle worker! We sent our 9 month old head strong, extremely bossy lab to Sheldon hoping he could help us gain some control over her. She would literally drag us anywhere she wanted to go and was always pulling and lunging on a leash. She was a terror in the house and outside had no would not listen at all. Honestly, it was hard to enjoy her like I wanted to. We live on a ranch so having her on a leash all the time was not ideal but it was not safe to have her off leash knowing she wouldn't listen. Within days, Sheldon was sending videos of her progress and she was no longer pulling on the leash...I was amazed and immediately knew I had made the right decision. When he dropped her off he was patient in explaining to us how to continue her training over the next few months and has been in regular contact with us checking in and fine tuning thins. Myka is walking without a leash, calm in the house and around new people, loading and more. She is a absolute joy to be around and our relationship is better than ever! She even gets compliments on her good behavior from all of our guests! I cannot recommend Sheldon and his program enough!

Havanese Dog Training Groesbeck

Chelsea, Zoey and Beau
Groesbeck, Texas

Our dog's now listen and follow directions!

We sent both of our Havanese’s to Sheldon to help with basic training and manners. Our dogs thought they were in charge and we had no idea how to change that. When Sheldon brought them back he spent several hours explaining how to continue reinforcing the things they had learned. He was kind, patient and knowledgeable. He has continued to follow up and check on their progress. Beau is no longer bolting across the yard at birds, neighbors and cars. Zoey has learned that we are in change. She listens, follows directions and looks to us for instructions. This has been a wonderful experience and I am so grateful we found Sheldon!

Bulverde GSP Training

He's a Brand New Dog!

We sent Zayden our 9 month old GSP with Sheldon for his board and train program. There was a waitlist as he is popular but the wait was 100000% worth it! Our baby came back brand new and is doing so much better. We were having trouble with destructiveness and wanted him to be off leash trained to go running with and such. I would 100% recommend Central Texas Dog Trainer to everybody!!

Malissa & Zayden
Bulverde, Texas

Maltipoo Training Temple Texas

Blown Away!

I am blown away by Stella's progress and cannot thank you enough for everything! She is doing amazing at home and seems much happier and comfortable in this new routine. Her improvement has surpassed all expectations!! Thank you thank you thank you for teaching both of us so much!!

Waverly & Stella
Temple, Texas

Laguna Vista, Bernadoodle Training

Carl & Cassia
Laguna Vista, Texas

No better training in Texas


I went into this experience not knowing what to expect. I’ve had experiences with trainers in the past with our other dog but it wasn’t a board and train program. Sheldon was extremely through during our initial consultation prior to booking and gave me a calm about leaving my boy Cosmo with him. He understood the behavior I was describing and assured me it would all be covered under the training. After dropping cosmo off I received updates on progress and even a little video of how Cosmo was doing. It really eased my mind on if he was learning anything during training. They day came when it was time to get my buddy back and I was not expecting the in depth communication and hand off of training I received. In a little more than three hours Sheldon walked with us to ensure we knew how to handle commands and leash commands as well as explained how to keep consumption on his regiment.  By the time we were finished with the handover I was 100% confident my wife and I could perform the training required to keep our Cosmo operating at peak performance. 


Cost of training we paid for this board and train was the same we paid for our other pup but was not as effective or comprehensive. Not to mention the other was a drop off and pick up everyday for 3 weeks and can be inconvenient. All of our friends who knew how Cosmo behaved prior to training has been amazed at how well mannered he is and calm, not to mention bad behaviors are gone! You’re not only paying for training, you are receiving a lifelong gift of peace and fun with your pup. 


There is absolutely no way I could ever be convinced there is a better training program to go to in this great state of Texas. Since Cosmo has been back, Sheldon has been extremely helpful and responsive if we have additional questions on Cosmo. Sheldon’s debrief package on commands and methods is exactly what I was hoping to receive and have referenced  since getting Cosmo back to make sure we are sticking with the program.

Black Lab Pitbull Mix Training Buda Texas

Ike & Audrey
Buda, Texas

If I could give Sheldon 10 stars, I would!!!

If I could send every dog in Texas to Sheldon, I would do it in a heartbeat. My husband and I were looking for a more advanced training program for our black lab, Carbon, that would allow us to take him fully off leash in public and help us in situations where his size (90lbs) can be intimidating.


Throughout the entire process, Sheldon was able to answer all of our questions (ps. There were a lot!) and make us at ease with being away from our fur-baby for 3 weeks! You can tell that Sheldon is extremely passionate about dogs and training them in an effective and humane way that is easy for you to maintain and incorporate into your new everyday life with an obedient pup.


The results we have seen in Carbon are night and day, especially with his new ability to heel that makes walks a breeze ( no more pulling or constant sniffing!!). We are extremely thankful for all that Sheldon has done for us and Carbon, including his ongoing support as we navigate new situations now that Carbon is home!  


If you are considering any type of training for your dog, look no further than Sheldon (Central Texas Dog Trainer)!!

German Shepherd Obedience Training Killen

Completely different dog

[Sheldon did a] fantastic job training our dog. We now have a completely different dog. He is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend him. He gave us all of the tools we needed to keep up with the training and discipline.

Tim & Jamie
Killeen Texas

Anatolian Shepherd Training Austin

Austin Texas

100% Changed Dog

Words can't describe how much my boy Nash has changed for the better in the last 28 days. I missed him more than I ever thought I would. But the long wait was totally worth it. He's 100% a changed dog, but still has the same personality and goofiness I fell in love with. Being a single female I didn't want a dog that would just run all over me and not listen. I wanted a true companion in my dog, not just an unruly dog I couldn't take anywhere. Before Central Texas Dog Training came Into the picture, Nash was extremely hyper when I let him out of the crate. He would leave bruises all over my body. He wouldn't listen when called. He was very unsocialized and barked ferociously when anyone would come near him. He would growl at everyone. Sheldon even made sure I was completely comfortable with everything that he has learned and was able to do all the commands on my own. Since coming home, he's loves everyone. He listens to my commands and behaves. I'm not afraid to take him out in public or be around people. I can't thank Central Texas Dog Training enough for changing the unruly behavior of my dog!

Golden Retriever Training Kileen, Ft. Hood

Killeen, Ft. Hood, Texas

Worth Every Penny!

I am very happy with the results and behavior of my dog. He improved dramatically. Before training my dog did understand basic commands but was very bossy and did whatever he pleased. I was a little worried that my dog wouldn't be as fun or loving but he came back with the same personality but much more responsive, respectful, and eager to please.

Catahoula Training Austin

Felipe & Grace
Austin, Texas

Far more obedient that we ever imagined!

Sheldon is truly a quality dog trainer. Our Lucy is a Catahoula and Pitbull mix who is extremely excitable and stubborn. She went away to board and train with Sheldon for 25 days and returned to us far more obedient than I had ever imagined. No more jumping on furniture, barreling through doors, pouncing on guests entering the house, and barking at random things all the time. Not only does she come home ready to learn from Sheldon, he walks you through many different exercises and scenarios so YOU become her trainer and owner. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and have seen excellent results thus far!

Treeing Tennessee Brindle Training Austin

Monica & Maybelle
Austin, Texas

Sheldon worked with our rescue dog and he did wonders!

Sheldon worked with our rescue dog and he did wonders! Going in she was shy with very little confidence and no self control to obey us. When she came home she was confident and had a whole arsenal of commands that she performed beautifully. The trainer also took his time training US on how to continue the work he started and his follow up phone calls and customer service to help us keep the training going at home has been top notch. I highly recommend him!

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